Have your ever wondered why it is so difficult to get new business?  You make strong offers to customers to steal their business from competitors and yet you just can't seem to make a dent in new market growth!  Here's an example of why dealers struggle with this crucial task.

Bob sees Mary from across the room for the very first time, walks up to her and says "Will you marry me?"  Assuming Mary is of sound mind and good common sense, her response would be "No."  You see, Bob can't justify asking that question to Mary because he has no relationship with her, he's never dated her or done anything to even warrant asking.  In fact, he's never even spoken to her before then.

Your conquest customers are no different than Mary.  How do you expect to sell someone who has never done business with you before?  What one thing can you say to instill confidence in their choie of dealer or convince them they can trust you and you've never once spoken to them?  You just can't.

You know how customers walk into your dealership armed with a ton of information, research, prices and knowledge?  Where do you think they got that.  New customers walk a digital path to purchase with up to 100 different digital "moments" or experiences where your store must not only be present and relevant, but must dominate that moment.  The more wins, the more the customer will choose your store to make their purchase. In other words, you have to digitally date that customer before the sales question can be asked and make every single one of those dates count!

Our MarketBuilder all-inclusive digital marketing product, is unparalleled in the industry in data, design, execution and results. It is our flagship digital product designed to do one thing  -  get you new customers who have never bought from you - including your direct competitor's customers.


It combines the best of all digital marketing products/segments available to walk consumers along their path to purchase from research/review to conversion.  It works across devices and in-apps and in-games and has no extra costs or fees.  It can start within two days and requires little setup time.  Best yet - it's hands off so you can concentrate on doing what you do best -selling.  It's like having a salesperson work for you non-stop even when your business is closed.


We'll target a specific list of your direct competitor's customers in real time with intent-based advertising driving them to your website, online inventory, online store and physical location at the moment they want to buy.  Best yet - it is fully transparent through Google Analytics.  

Conquest Converter™ contains Social Media advertising, Geo-Fencing, Display Network Ads, Video Bumper Ads, Cross-device targeting, Behavioral Email, and Google Search Relevancy Ads to spread your brand signals digitally to the consumer.


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