At the core of our business is direct mail.  We have over 50 years of combined experience crafting successful direct mail campaigns for clients throughout the United States. Our comprehensive approach matches strategy with execution to give you the most return for your investment.

Whatever your goals, we have the product mix to help you including first class mail, saturation pieces, private event mailings, hand written letters and custom-designed pieces. We will always make sure everything is compliant and
co-op friendly and work with you to ensure an easy and rewarding customer experience.


Using our multi-touch, multi-channeled approach, we'll get you more leads, more phone calls, website visits and in-showroom traffic.  We deliver results to your bottom line.


Everything begins with the best, most accurate data possible.  After all, if you aren't sending your message to the right people, it will simply be lost.  For that reason, we use a multi-list strategy comprised of your previous customers, your direct competitor's customers and conquest customers. We rigorously cleanse all the data to ensure quality over quantity and then narrow our focus to select the in-market customers with the highest propensity to buy what you sell.

Compelling Offers

Once you have the right people to send to, you need a compelling, credible offer to send.  This is the second most important piece to a successful campaign.  All of our direct mail events revolve around a credible, believable reason to contact customers from customer appreciation themes, buyback, early lease termination, truck month, anniversary events and a whole lot more.   We'll echo your manufacturer's incentives and always make sure it is compliant and co-op friendly. Perception is reality and when your customers perceive the offer you are making is believable, they will have a sense of urgency to act.

Outbound BDC/Voicecasting

To assist you with more leads, our BDC will reach out to the top group of in-market customers to set as many scheduled appointments as possible even prior to your event starting. This additional touch point adds to another form of media for customers to respond to in order to reinforce your offer.

We can also offer ringless voicemails sent directly to your customers cell phones without them answering to get them calling you back to set an appointment.  

Behavioral-based emails/PURLS


Another touch point we add to the campaign is behavioral based email blasts delivered at the optimal time your customers open their emails so you can reach customers with another media channel to deliver your message.  We can use this in conjunction with your event, or as a stand alone campaign to help you get more customers.

We can also drive customers to personalized websites with info-capture so you know the moment customers log on and can immediately have the information you need to follow up on that lead.

IP Targeted Banner Ads

We'll also match your previous customer target list and your conquest list with their IP addresses.  This enables your store to display banner ads to those customers from the mail drop date, up to and throughout your event.

The Pre-game Playbook™

No football team walks out on the field without a playbook after studying the other teams strengths and weaknesses and preparing themselves using the best strategy.  We feel the same, so before your event, we will prep your management staff to ensure your team is 100% ready to handle every lead, phone call, email and customer from the sale.  You'll also get every best practice available we have collected from our clients to arm you with numerous tips to help maximize your sale results.


If your event requires someone to help facilitate the flow of traffic and manage the event on-site, we can arrange to send one of our trained professionals to you.  They add third party credibility to your event and will help qualify every customer coming through your door. They'll get all the necessary information your salespeople need to immediately take them to a vehicle, giving them more selling time with every prospect and ensuring the buyers, not browsers, are being assisted by sales staff.

Advantage ReCap™

We care as much about the results of your campaign as you do and have listened to our customers throughout time.  We report and focus on what is most important to a dealer - their bottom line.  We'll show you the impact made to your front end profit, back end profit and trade in profit only from those customers we marketed to and only for a two week time period around your event.  In short, we'll only track the immediate impact made from your event even though the after effects may increase those numbers.  Thus, we show you the worst possible scenario for your sale results.

Captain America

The first member of The Avengers, Captain America represents freedom, liberty and doing the right thing.  Did you know he is immune to fatigue and his super metabolism prevents him from getting drunk?  Now you do true believer. And if Cap was real, we'd hire him as a salesperson, invite him for a bourbon and send him to you to help sell you cars.


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