Your employees may be causing you to lose out on Millions.

Your dealership is your baby. You’ve put your own blood, sweat and tears into it to make sure that it’s perfect for when your customers arrive. Something is happening that is sabotaging these results that you may not know about… employee sabotage. We like to think that our employees are great and have our best interest. However, sometimes this isn’t the case. It could also be happening unintentionally. Remember, no one cares about your dealership the way that you the General Manager, the Sales Manager or owner does. You spend a fortune to bring customers through your doors and you need to optimize every single opportunity or it can cost you a ton of money fast. One bad apple in your dealership can kill your results. Remember, your employees are the front lines and the first impression your customers get with your dealership. Are they providing a customer experience that you can be proud of?

A few years ago, I worked on some innovative marketing with a doctor’s office. We were getting a ton of calls from our direct mail campaign, but not too many appointments booked once they did call. I encouraged the doctor to do a little investigative work and see what the deal was. We discovered that the receptionist was rude on the phone and even turned customers away telling them to call back another time when she wasn’t busy. This receptionist cost the doctor a lot of business. The doctor loved his employees like family. He would have never known if he didn’t look into it.

Don’t let employees sabotage your results. Secret shop your dealership. Play prospect yourself. Call from your spouses phone and see what your receptionist says. Have your family pretend to be a customer and look for a car. Get a friend they wouldn’t know to use your service department. You can also find companies that can do this for you and record the whole interaction. You may be horrified with what you discover. I guarantee you’ll find something in your customer experience that is costing you sales.

David M. Bustle

David Bustle is the National Sales Manager for Advantage Concepts Inc. in Louisville, KY, marketing thought leader providing consultative services to business across the country and part time motivational speaker. To book David for your engagement please call 502.408.1488 or contact him at

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