Yes, I'm pissed off at your so-called digital efforts.

This pisses me off and it should you too. Recently, I was looking at the web traffic analytics of a dealership. He had several thousand hits coming from this one digital agency's efforts. Good right? No.

The problem came when you look at how long the visitors were staying and how many pages they clicked on. They had 10 seconds on site and only looked one page. The dealer was getting scammed and sent "bot traffic."​ Dealers look at your analytics. If the traffic you are getting from a company isn't staying or showing intent on your site, it's bogus and you are wasting your marketing dollars. Real visitors will stay longer and look at multiple pages. They will show actual intent.

David M. Bustle

David Bustle is the National Sales Manager for Advantage Concepts Inc. in Louisville, KY, marketing thought leader providing consultative services to business across the country and part time motivational speaker. To book David for your engagement please call 502.408.1488 or contact him at

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