How to take the headache out of lackluster marketing performance.

Have you ever seen a fly that gets trapped inside of your house that is trying to escape to the outside world? It keeps flying and smacking into the window over and over again with the same results until it dies. Many dealerships are a lot like this fly with their marketing strategies. They keep doing the same strategy without tracking what happened to determine their effectiveness.

If you want your dealership’s marketing to be effective to sell cars, you have to track everything you can. Most importantly, you need to track how many sales your event brought in. This will let you know what strategies and tactics are actually working for your dealership and your market. With tracking, you’ll know that because you spent “X” amount on a marketing program, you made “Y” in return.

I hear about a lot of companies that market to auto dealers saying their event was successful and only referring to traffic, email opens, clicks, website visits and more. Although these factors are important in tracking the effectiveness, the problem is that you can’t deposit any of them into your bank account. Worse, some auto dealership companies take credit for everything that happened during their “sale” not just who they marketed to.

It doesn’t matter if you brought a hundred people into your dealership if none of them actually bought anything. The only thing you can deposit is a sale. Tracking keeps you from just guessing if your marketing is working. It gives you the confidence to know that your investment paid off. Remember this, if you can’t track it, scrap it in your dealership’s marketing.

David M. Bustle

David Bustle is the National Sales Manager for Advantage Concepts Inc. in Louisville, KY, marketing thought leader providing consultative services to business across the country and part time motivational speaker. To book David for your engagement please call 502.408.1488 or contact him at

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